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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  April 1, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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supreme court nominee of president trump. the early indications of what to expect when the confirmation vote happens. and michael flynn's attory says he has a story to ll. what or who may h have to offer. plus, laptop bombs. new terrorist threat that could get past airport security. what you need to know today. we begin with politics. reaction from one of president trump's former campaign advisers roger stone on the fallout over the request for immunity. here is what he said on bill maher. >> here is what i know. i'm not asking for immunity. i was maligned by the members of the committee who said things were pat evenly false. i should have a chance to respond in the same forum. i don't need a subpoena or
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immunity. i want it in public. let's go. >> he says he is ready. we have president trump talking in a tweet about mike flynn saying mike flynn should ask for immunity and this say witch hunt. excuse for big loss. donald trump may have got even distracted when a reporter asked a question yesterday. watch what the president did. >> were you trying to tell the justice department to grant immunity to michael flynn? was that your intention? >> the president left the room and not evening signing the orders. asking the vice president to take them. house intel chair devin nunes blaming democrats for the scrutiny he is currently under. >> this is all about the independent commission. they don't want this to be investigated by members of congress or senate. they want an independent commission which is code word for something that lasts a long
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time and they can make political hay of it. >> we dive deeper into what we got 24 hours ago. the disclosures considering the trump administration were released in a friday document dump. how much are ivanka trump and jared kushner worth? let's check in with kelly o'donnell. kelly, brief us on the figure that they are worth and the timing of the filings and release. >> reporter: this is a standard part of how white houses operate. they ruire anye working in the administration, whether this president or past presidents, to get personal about finances. typically, that picture isn't as intriguing, interesting or eye popping in some cases. the trump white house brought a lot of wealthy people into government service. that is something we don't always see. also, family members taking official roles in the white house although they are not taking a paycheck. that makes it interesting.
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it gives us a window into trump family assets and the kushner family which has an independent wealth in a family business there. so the forms are part of the ordinary course of business. they take on this trump interest level. we are talking not just about the family, but about 180 staffers at the white house who have to provide all of their information about themselves and spouse and bank accounts and investments and businesses. part of why this stands out is we have seen that the team brought in by the president is one of the wealthy to serve in the white house. this morning, a rare look inside trump family wealth. washington power couple and unpaid federal warniorkers, iva trump and jared kushner disclose their business and real estate
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investments as part of a do documents release on friday. making public financial disclosures. despite taking themselves out of management roles of businesses, the president's daughter and son-in-law remain beneficiaries of holdings that could be worth more than $731 million. ivanka trump also has a piece of the family's washington, d.c. hotel. her share valued between $5 million and $25 million. assets of a different kind. spot odd white house grounds friday, the top democrat adam schiff. sources tell nbc news he had a private visit with president trump. after schiff viewed the same surveillance information first shown only to republican chairman devin nunes who according to reports was tipped off by white house officials. >> people that probably knew about this. knew about me being there.
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the fact of the matter, that doesn't make them the source of my information. >> reporter: president trump injected himself into the fray by tweeting about his ousted national security adviser. michael flynn should ask for immunity. calling the investigation of flynn's ties to russia a witch hunt. the president had a different view last fall. >> if you're not guilty of a crime, why do you need immunity? >> back then, flynn agreed. >> that means you probably committed a crime. >> reporter: now flynn's lawyer says he has a story to tell and is interested in pursuing an immunity deal. talking with sources involved in the work on the intelligence committees, i'm told the attorney for michael flynn has not made a formal request for immunity to the committee, but spoken publicly about seeking that protection for his client. we are told that the timeline for this is early. the committees are just getting
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going on their work. they have to do more investigation before they would know what it is that michael flynn could offer or willing to consider immunity. we are ahead of the game here. it also is a case that there is a separate investigation being done by the department of justice and the committees don't want to interfere with that. immunity seems far off. not completely off the table, but unlikely based on the people we talk to now. thomas. >> i expect a good lawyer would get assurances over unfair prosecution. kelly, thanks so much. the senate intelligence committee denied flynn's immunity request so far. a senior official made the same offer to the justice department. >> for the justice department to agree to give somebody like him immunity means they want him to turn and testify against someone higher up in the food chain. who is higher up in the food
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chain higher than the national security adser? there is really only one person. so this shows that the jeopardy of criminal liability extends to the top. >> i want to bring in people halkstra. sir, it is great to have you with me. how do you responsibility to that? will flynn get immunity if he targets the vice president or president? >> i'm not an attorney. i'll let this process work its way out. they tare the tartarget. it is all wild speculation. >> it is wild speculation.
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there are many democrats watching this in a fever dream over what is taking place. they are letting themselves get the cart before the horse on this. from your perspective of the house intel committee and the reports we have and knowing that flynn was an unregistered foreign agent for the turkey government, is that a big concern for the united states and the department of justice and the house intel committee to take a hard look at the actions of general flynn? >> i think the justice department will look at the registration and those types of things. i think obviously people are aware or were aware that general flynn was doing work with the turks. whether that qualified for regulations remains to be seen. they need to look at the more serious issues. they need to look at the total involvement of the russians in
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u.s. politics and business and trying to influence what goes on here in the united states. they will take a hard look at what was going on in the last days of the obama administration with the various transcripts and various intelligence reports that included trump transition personnel and where they went and who had them and who authorized them about the unmasking. the intelligence committee both of them, will have a tremendous amount of work to do over the next 6 to 12 months. >> do you believe russia interfered with the election and president trump was the benefactor? >> number one, i believe the russians were involved. i think this is an interesting thing. how were they involved in 2016 and 2012 and then 2008? i think it is unclear there was
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a single beneficiary. i think there were issues with james comey testifying a couple weeks ago. it is obvious they hated hillary clinton. we know that. there are also concerns about some of the policies that a potential president trump would be involved in. you know, i don't get to that nexus yet that the director did. oh, they hated hillary, so obviously they were for trump. i would like to see the intelligence and intelligence sourcing that the director of the fbi had. how close do we have human assets that provided information that enabled the director of the fbi to make that type of conclusion or is this something that -- >> do you not believe president trump? >> what? >> do you not believe president trump? >> what do you mean?
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>> on the campaign trail. he said he had a good relationship with russia and vladimir putin. they do good things. you don't believe president trump? there's the evidence. human evidence you are looking for coming from the president. he has a relationship with vladimir putin. he respects him as a world leader. >> that doesn't necessarily mean that putin is believing that i need to get this guy in here because i have a relationship with him. no, i'm looking for the specific intelligence that is only available to our intelligence community that enables the director of the fbi to come out and so definitively declare the relationship or the activities by russia clearly were to favor candidate trump in an election where every pundit was saying hillary clinton was going to be
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the overwhelming victor on november 8th. let's see the intelligence that enables it to be. do we have that intelligence? i don't know. >> former congress member pete hoekstra, thank you. security officials are exploring the reason behind the sudden ban on laptops on flights from several middle east airports. nbc's pete williams. >> reporter: now u.s. officials say one reason for the restrictions is a government analysis suggesting that terrorists have developed the means to conceal explosives in laptops that could elude screening. u.s. officials believe terror groups are using some airport screening devices which turn out to be widely available to test their explosive designs. >> how big of a threat is this and will it impact you? we'll talk about that coming up. i have ahma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back
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took the fifth amendment and her ringleaders were given immunity. and if you are not guilty of a crime, why do you need immunity? >> so we have president trump slamming the clinton camp with strong words of immunity in september. the president taking a different view yesterday in a tweet when it came to michael flynn. saying the former general should ask for immunity in this is a witch hunt. later, press secretary sean spicer tried to clarify the words. saying the president believes michael flynn should testify when asked questions about russia meddling into our election and the ongoing probe
5:19 am
in washington. joining me now is senior security analyst juan duarte. he is security advisor for combating terrorism under former president george h.w. bush. they turned down the request from flynn's attorney in exchange for the testimony for immunity. this is not unusual that they try to get that first to protect themselves. >> it is not unusual, thomas. the fact you have three investigations under way. one is a criminal investigation from the fbi. two, congressional investigations on the senate side and house side. you have any important witness asking for immunity. what is unusual here is it is at a very high level. the former national security adviser and it is early. what you have here is the lawyers for general flynn trying to get ahead of the narrative and curve here to demonstrate he
5:20 am
is willing to testify, but obviously want protections. it is too early in the investigation. you have seen both the senate and house side as well as the fbi are not willing to consider this yet because the investigation is not mature enough. they need to know more and investigate more. you are talking about a senior individual asking for immunity. that is a late stage decision for the investigators. it is not unusual in asking, but it is unusual in terms of the sequence. >> in flynn's description of immunity last year, he constitutes immunity you get that because you have done something criminal. you think flynn and his team are surprised to be rejected by the sfet i senate intel committee? >> probably not. i think his lawyers are savvy enough to tell him they want the offer on the table and dictate the terms of what happens next.
5:21 am
of course, what are you describing is the public perception of immunity in a politically charged investigation versus what it means to somebody on the other side of the table being asked the questions. potentially in jeopardy of criminal prosecution. now we don't know that to be the case, but you also have an individual who doesn't know what the investigators, especially in the fbi, are looking at. they could look at not just the russia issues, but issues tied to representing foreign nations and other activities. if you are in general flynn's seat, you want as much protection as possible before sitting in front of the legal-ites. >> i think of this like an onion. peel back the layers. some say it stinks and others are crying. the terrorists may have learned how to hide bombs in laptop
5:22 am
computers. this is something we kind of covered before. they are looking to one-up and be more creative in targeting major airlines. the computer would power on to allow devices to pass through security check points, but then go to a resting mode. how big of a concern is this about large scale electronic devices from the middle east and north africa? >> this is a serious reminder that groups like al qaeda and isis are doing everything possible to intimidate methods. we know they operate from safe havens and developed expertise, especially from yemen. they are constantly ying to innovate or security measures. you have seen this over time. this is the latest. the shoe bomber and the liquid
5:23 am
bomb. the underwear bomb in 2009. the laptop plot that went off in an airline out of somalia last year. you had constant attempts to innovate around security pro toe tall cals. this is the latest. the reason you have the ban is the intelligence community had specific information about the attempts to circumvent that particular security which is why the ten countries where the ban is in effect are directly implicated. authorities are very worried that you have innovation in those kinds of devices and trying to work around the security protocols. >> juan, if we can show that again so folks can drink in the geography. what about security at other airports? terrorists are trying to evade the security measures as they get the head's up about the ban
5:24 am
in place and they can fly in from somewhere else. >> you are absolutely right, thomas. this is a great issue with transportation security. you are only as good as your weakest link. the terrorists can adapt to whatever security protocols or rings. including geography. of course, put out the protocols and security measures. they will know where you are targeting and they will find other ways in. part of the attractiveness of hitting airlines is not the human toll and economic investigaeffects and psychological. they can get on one or two flights and suddenly they are hitting the united states directly. we saw that with the underwear plot. the guy got on out of yemen, the nigerian, trying to blow himself up over detroit. this is what they are plotting.
5:25 am
the fact they have havens and experts trying to device these devices is just a very serious reminder this is a real threat and authorities are trying to play cat-and-mouse game to get ahead of the curve and prevent these from happening. >> you have to be creative to stay a step ahead. juan zararte. thank you. if you are devin nunes, you can go home again, butou will catch heat. people greeted him in california and he was there among gjeers. i'm not sure if nunes could hear it, but what is the way forward for this congress member? this
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hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts at msnbc world headquarters. we are following the blockbuster report from our colleagues at nbc news. the key documents in the russia probe after taking office. they were concerned over what could happen to classified documents, they created a list to give to senior members of the intel committee. joining me now is reporter ken dilanian. ken, what can you tell us about the report and how it was given to the senate intel committee. >> thomas, this is the waning days of the obama administration when they collected this intelligence of russia interf e
5:33 am
interfering and collusion. they're concerned about what would happen when the trump administration takes office. they start spreading it around the government and one of the ways they did that was as we reported an obama administration official created a log of classified documents and hand carried it over to key members of the senate intelligence committee. this wasn't a classified document in and of itself. it referred to secret documents. it was like a master key so the senate could find these things in the event of an investigation. obviously there is an investigation now. so it just speaks to the level of concern in the obama administration about what might have happen to the stuff. one source said they didn't want it to be buried in a safe at langley. >> this is a table of contents for those interested to find it. the white house under president obama was suspicious of the trump administration or of the fbi or of which part?
5:34 am
which branch of government coming in for 2017 that would let this information go dormant? >> great question. it looks like they were suspicious of the trump administration because they were concerned some of this intelligence and evidence implicated the administration in collusion. it hasn't been proven. we know some of the evidence included intercepts that showed contacts with trump associates and contacts. >> they get access to this report seeing the listing of information and learning how it's been categorized around the hill. >> larger effort which the times about the effort to spread intelligence around to declassified the lower level of secrecy some more people could see it.
5:35 am
sean spicer referred to this. they feel this was inappropriate and the obama administration trying to tar the trump administration with the russia stuff inn fa stuff unfairly. >> we know a former obama official came on appearing on "morning joe" having this to say under obama. listen. >> i think that the revelations of evelyn farkis going on the record to talk about how they politically used classified information is troubling. >> so do we know there was political use for classified information here, ken? >> absolutely not. she said she was acting as a former government official. concerned about the russia interferen interference. to urge her former colleagues to make sure the stuff did not disappear. she said she wasn't traffic in
5:36 am
classified information. the right wing media has seized on her comments to suggest inappropriate level of sharing. >> if there is nothing there, i don't understand what the trump folks would be worried about. they would want the public to know this and there is no come propers myse compromise. ken dilanian, thank you. joining us now for the reporter for the times is michelle sanders and mike hill. let's start with you, mike. the house investigation. how does it investigation move forward after schiff's visit to the white house and the lack of faith the democrats have in nunes? >> it depends on what nunes does. in the eyes of the democrats, this is stalled if not dead.
5:37 am
as you mentioned, schiff was at the white house yesterday. he saw the information that nunes saw ten days before. it did not answer any questions. he wants to know why nunes was briefed by the white house over the subject of the investigation. that did not tell the members of the committee. told the press and went back and rebriefed the white house that just briefed him. it seemed to have raised more questions and concerns about chairman nunes and ability to do an i mpartial investigation. the democrats are not satisfied. i actually sat down with eric sw swalwell. he said we will look into it. without nunes directing this ship and would you tell us having faith in it, we can't do anything at all. they are pushing for the 9/11 commission style investigation. unless something significant changes and they have new faith
5:38 am
in nunes. that is not happening. >> do you think and as mike is talking about, the fact that nunes some consider throwing a grenade into the house intel committee investigation of all this. really opens up the flood gates for the integrity of the other investigations and democrats and republicans who are interested in making sure that they get to the bottom of this. >> i think this investigation is really a test of the republican party's ability to hold to task a republican president. i think republicans and democrats both want to see an independent investigation. i think the senate will take the lead. i think devin nunes makes it harder for people and senators and committee to do their job. you have the top democrat and top republican coming out and having a rare joint press
5:39 am
conference saying they will go as far as the investigation takes them. they will follow the evidence. they understand that because devin nunes has done what he has done a the house investigation has blown up in some ways, the senate will be held to a much higher standard. >> mike, when we think about the other information that came forward this week, in front of senator marco rubio with testimony. he was confronted with the fact during the gop primary campaign there was testimony of russia y interference and rubio a target. do we not consider its was more than the democrats that were targeted? they weren't compromised as well? >> that has been a lingering question all along. the suspicion is yes there was probably hack across the board. if that was the case, why are we
5:40 am
only hearing about documents related to the dnc and the democrats targeted in what was released publicly? a lot of that goes back to the question of how much putin's hand is in this. it goes back to wikileaks and julian assange. he is not friend of hillary clinton. there is a partisan bent there. it depends on who you ask. if you ask the democrats, they will say it is partisan. that has been verified by the spy agencies at the top of the u.s. government. they do have validation. you are right. this is a much wider sweep. we have not seen things publicly. whether they drip out remains to be seen. i think we can probably look forward to seeing some of those things. of course, it is too late to effect past elections. it will be interesting. >> yamiche, do you think michael
5:41 am
flynn asking for a fair prosecution and immunity, is that the wrong signal to send and one that democrats think may lead to something else? flynn being a lynchpin to unmasking or putting out in the public consumption something nefarious during the campaign. >> i think michael flynn asking r immunity creates more smoke. we are not sure there was a fire there. you have someone close to the president saying the only way he wants to testify is to somehow be shielded by prosecution. it begs the question what does he know and why does he feel he needs the immunity. how many people in the trump campaign knew what was going on if russia was meddling in the election and how did they use that information to their benefit? when you ask that question about whether or not we think there was a wider spread of information, in some ways, i think if you think about the
5:42 am
fact of the foreign government making calculations about our election and 17 republican candidates and probably looking at the candidates deeply and really making political calculations every day and wondering if this is the day they need to release that information. >> yamiche, great to have you on. mike, great to have you on. we will continue to talk about this. coming up, neil gorsuch and the democrat lobbying other party members to confirm the supreme court nominee of president trump. that's next. in the next hour, undoing of obama era environment regulations. why are the safeguards so onerous to the trump administration? we will talk about that after this. my day starts well before
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we have more now on the fallout over nsa adviser flynn demanding immunity for the investigation overhe russia
5:46 am
probe. we have jackie who sits on the committee talks about the request. >> it would be granted by the department of justice if and only if it provided a bigger fish in terms of do ttting the and crossing the ts to get someone more critical in violating the law. >> i want to interrupt for a moment, congress member. a bigger fish. he was the national security adviser to the president. there are not a lot of bigger fish out there. >> that's right. >> joining me now is joel benison and former senior adviser for hillary clinton's campaign. as we hear what congress member spears said there and we know flynn was dismissed -- incomplete information to the vice president about his call with the russian ambassador. let go for that.
5:47 am
so pence is technically cleared of any wrongdoing? is this all about immunity and whether or not he should be given it that would compromise something about our president? >> i think prosecutors or committees want to know is what does this person really have? you suddenly say i'll come in and i want immunitimmunity. they want to make sure you have something there before they give you a free pass. >> we know how they were talked about with the clinton campaign with the e-mail server. he constitutes immunity with a criminal act. that is the only reason you ask for that. >> and candidate trump and president donald trump said why do you need that immunity? that is a supposition that you are worried you could be prosecuted for something.
5:48 am
that is absolutely the concern. there are other nuances involved. clearlyamiss here. to have the administration dig in on this. imagine with a president of the united states who said we need to get to the bottom of this. russia meddling in our election and france election. we have richard burr, the chairman of the senate committee. we know russia is meddling in france now. to have a president denying this instead of saying we need to get to the bottom of this and stop it because it is a danger to democracy is a totally different issue. both president trump and flynn raising suspicion about themselves and evnterprise by te investigation. >> we are 72 days in to the administration. this russia shadow. the scandal of that continues to linger. the effectiveness of the white house in trying to get things
5:49 am
done other than executive order is faltering. how do they keep up with what they laid out on the agenda? >> and they have a problem. the ability to put behind them the questions of the russia investigation. it is an exacerbated by the tweeting behaviors. they are not able to put behind them the episode where he disgracefully accused his predecessor of tapping his phones. they aren't dealing with the day-to-day well on the big issues like health care or anything else. they are showing a complete lack of expertise. how you get people to work together and solutions that you can get passed and adopted and meaningful for people. there are no major accomplishments. we are coming up on 100 days. everything they put their foot into, they stepped in, inn credited of creating a rainbow or halo effect. >> we know speaker ryan was
5:50 am
instrumental if whn what took p with health care and what didn't take place. this is what he said about taking control. >> if we don't do this, he'll just go work with democrats to try and change obamacare, and that's hardly a conservative thing. this republican congress allows the perfect to be the enemy of the good. i worry we'll push the president into working with democrats. he's been suggesting that as much. >> do you think democrats are open to that, joel, or is that too much of a stigma to bear at this point? >> democrats i think would be always open to improving health care for americans. we're the ones who covered 15 million people through obamacare. i think you saw speaker ryan shoot himself in the foot there, the notion of working with democrats, the bigger problem is not that they're willing to work
5:51 am
with democrats, it's that they haven't been able to lead on a major policy issue and set out a cohesive argument for anything they're trying to do. they're running a campaign now and they're losing. it's trump against trump, the white house against the white house. they don't know how to lead, and with the leadership and what washington requires is leadership coming from the president. you don't just lob out to what you say you have to do. you have to have a coherent plan, bring the players together. that's how president obama worked and when he did get things done, that's how it happened. >> as we look ahead to what it means for ideology as opposed to compromise, the supreme court pick in neil gorsuch and the fact that there are certain democrats talking about crossing over to vote for him and this being the fact -- heidi hide camp has talked about this. do you think there will not be a filibuster effort from the democrats and neil gorsuch will sing through? >> i think right now it looks
5:52 am
like there will be a filibuster effort. i think the whole way both parties are treating supreme court justices right now is a real risk. these folks have lifetime appointments for a reason. it's to take them out of politics. i think when senator mcconnell ten months out from an election said he wasn't even going to give a well-qualified judge, same rating as judge gorsuch, judge merrick garland, wouldn't give him a hearing, he in a toxic way infused politics into this process. i think we're now on a road to a head-on collision that i think could be very unfortunate. i think both parties need to get to the table and solve this for a long time. if we start creating a quagmire every time a supreme court justice is nominated by either party, that's a danger to our democracy. >> thank you, joel. appreciate it. family finances, a new report revealing the enormous wealth of ivanka trump and her
5:53 am
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6:00 am
but based on their preferences, their personal views or even their political opinions. judge gorsuch is going to serve our people by devoting himself to our be loved constitution. the senate saw this firsthand in hours of judge gorsuch's impressive testimony. >> so, the confirmation process, though, is taking another hit with moderate democrat senator claire mccaskill writing this op ed saying she'll join the fight to filibuster. on the opposite end, senator joe manchin supporting gorsuch, warning lawmakers about that and telling constituents at a town hall yesterday this about the vote. >> he's a conservative person. guess what? the democrats didn't win. so if you think you're going to hold out and they're not going


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